We can’t help but rejoice that ‘Marvel Studios’, which is the prime and regular supplier of comic blockbusters (except 2020, you know), has already clawed its way out to conquer our TV screens. Marvelous! Are you ready for it?

In general, the idea of ​​filming TV series within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is nothing new. In the wake of the very first ‘avengers’ success, the TV show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” was released revealing to the audience a secret organization of superheroes. At first, a few stellar cameos played their parts in the show; also, Agent Phil Coulson migrated there from the previous films; finally, the storyline of the first seasons itself used to refer to the global MCU events. However, over some time, ‘Marvel’ moved away from “Agents”, deleted it all from comics’ canon, and in 2020 the series ended. Also, two seasons of “Agent CarterTV series saw the light, about the adventures of Peggy Carter, the former Captain America’s paramour.

In addition, due to ‘Marvel’ plus ‘Netflix’ fruitful collaboration, six TV series about superheroes were released on the latter streaming platform: “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage”, “Iron Fist”, “The Defenders”, and “The Punisher”. Moreover, on different channels and at various periods of time, less popular TV series were presented there: “Inhumans”, “Runaways”, “Cloak & Dagger” and “Helstrom”.

But none of the TV shows mentioned above survived until 2021: ‘Marvel Studios’ announced the release of completely new TV series which will have close ties with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of them will be available at ‘Disney+’ streaming service sooner or later.

WandaVision. Premiere: January 15, 2021

WandaVision” TV mini-series is the very first project of ‘Marvel Studios’. It seems to serve as a prototype carving the way for the oncoming TV series.

‘Marvel’ finally payed attention to Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch, a rather powerful heroine first introduced into the MCU in the very end of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Once amplified her magical abilities as a HYDRA member, she change sides to the Avengers.

She falls in love with the synthezoid called Vision but in the blockbuster ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Vision dies. Wanda refuses to accept this great loss again (as her twin brother Pietro died before). She recreates her spouse using Chaos Magic and settles with him in her alternate suburban paradise. Now, the whole setting of their new imaginary world refers to the classical American sitcoms: the first episode, for example, is styled in a 1950s set, and the seventh is already a copy of “American Family”. The point is that Wanda, as a little kid, would like to watch sitcoms with her parents, enjoying and desiring the idyllic life they depicted.

Alongside their fictional reality, a trail of dramatic events takes place with the characters already familiar to the audience as well as superheroes appearing for the first time and building new vectors for the next projects.

In general, “WandaVision” is a very traditional ‘Marvel’ project, which, despite the new format, sometimes can be interpreted as a trailer for the future TV series. Some have criticized the show for not being as revolutionary as viewers expected. Still, it should be remembered that its authors simply wanted to make a transition to the renewed MCU reality as smooth as possible.

Does it worth watching the series? Undoubtedly: the fascinating plot makes it a great artwork along with impeccable characters established by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.

Among other things, “WandaVision” serves as a bridge to another blockbuster “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, which is set to premiere in the spring of 2022.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Premiere: March 19, 2021

Two weeks after “WandaVision” TV mini-series finale on ‘Disney+’, the next superhero series kicks off, this time with no subtle concept expected. Judging by the trailers, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is a fascinating ‘buddy-duo’ series in which two comrades fight evil guys.

The advent of both Winter Soldier (Sergeant ‘Bucky’ Barnes) and Falcon (Sam Wilson) is credited to Captain America’s figure who promoted their accession to the Avengers Team in previous blockbusters. Now Cap has retired (also from the Cinematic Universe), finally making Falcon his superhero successor.

The plot of the new series will focus on two story lines: on the one hand, the government wants to see an entirely different candidate in place of Captain America. This is how we learn about Agent USA, the new stars-and-stripes superhero. On the other hand, the Sokovian villain Baron Helmut Zemo, who used to make “The First Avenger: Civil War” heroes’ blood boil, raises his head again.

Essentially, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” will be a spiritual follow-up to the “Captain America” trilogy. Emily VanCamp, a Canadian actress, who has previously played Sharon Carter / Agent 13, will return to her role in addition to the title characters’ tandem.

After “WandaVision”, the oncoming TV series will offer viewers a different frontier of the MCU and it’s going to be an exciting action movie without unnecessary ethical dilemmas but with a lot of fights, flights and explosions: exactly what boys of all ages are mad about.

Loki. Premiere: June 11, 2021

The most popular antagonist of the MCU is among the first Marvel characters to get his own series on ‘Disney+’. The Asgardian God of Mischief Loki (and an ice giant by birth) becomes the main character of the six-part TV show that kicks off in the summer of 2021.

As we remember, in “Avengers: Endgame” due to manipulation of time with the Tesseract, a cube which opens gateways to any part of the universe and provide interdimensional travels, Loki managed to escape death and disappeared. The new series will tell us exactly what happened to the universal trickster next. We also know that Loki will be traveling through time until he gets into the hands of the so-called “Time Variance Authority”, a secret organization which claims responsibility for monitoring the Multiverse and take action to prevent other beings from altering past or future. Apparently, now Loki will have to work for that TVA agency as a ‘time cop’.

The new series’ authors significantly complicate the character: so, according to insiders, the female hypostasis of Loki (as known from the comics) will appear in the show, played by the British actress Sophia Di Martino. Among other things, the TV show star cast is reinforced by awesome Owen Wilson who will play one of the directors of this “Time Variance Authority”.

Judging by the fact that Loki has already been renewed for a second season, ‘Marvel’ has big plans for this series. And we are quite confident in the success of the TV show: the charisma of Tom Hiddleston (who returned to the Loki’s role) will be sufficient for many projects in perspective.

What if…? Premiere: Summer 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made it to animation! A very unusual concept was chosen for the new project, though it has already appeared in print comics more than once. The animated series will consider various options for the development of ‘Marvel’ plots. For example, in the very first episode, the authors will tell us what would happen if Peggy Carter took the serum of the super soldier, and not Steve Rogers (who, according to the ‘Marvel’ canon, became Captain America). The plots of the other fantasies are still kept a secret, but we can say that they will touch on most of the main MCU characters. At least, a large number of ‘universal’ actors have already participated in the scoring of “What If…?” animated series. It is rumored that Robert Downey Jr. himself has been included in the process.

Initially, only one episode was supposed to devote to the fantasy like what would happen if Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) became the alternate Thor. But in the end, the whole blockbuster, dedicated to these unexpected twists and turns of plot, went into development.

In the summer of 2021, ten episodes of the animated series “What If…?” will be released, and ‘Marvel Studios’ has already announced the second season of the project.

Ms. Marvel. Premiere: Autumn 2021

By the fall of 2021, a very young in all respects superheroine will be presented as Ms. Marvel.  A teenager Kamala Khan, who is empowered to alter her appearance, first showed up on the pages of comic books eight years ago, in 2013. But the key feature of this character is that Kamala is a Muslim girl raised in a Pakistani-American family. Quite unusual, though the image from the comics quickly gained popularity. Now Kamala is going to receive her own series and also will continue her storyline in the long-waited sequel “Captain Marvel 2”, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2022.

A young actress-debutante Iman Vellani was named for the title role in “Ms. Marvel” TV series.

Hawkeye. Premiere: Autumn 2021

“Marvel Studios” decided to reward the last but not least of the Avengers who did not have his solo series. An irresistible American actor and singer Jeremy Renner returns to the role of the sniper-archer superhero known by his code name as Hawkeye. At the moment, it is stated that the main character will appear in a slightly different role, namely, as Ronin (you might remember him from ‘Avengers: Endgame’ blockbuster). It is likely that this series will be the last Jeremy Renner’s presence in the MCU. According to the announced plot, Hawkeye will train his successor – a ‘young avenger’ Kate Bishop (who is set to portray by the excellent actress Hailee Steinfeld). Against the background of the scandal that occurred between Renner and his (real-life) wife, it becomes obvious that in some episode in the end the actor will wave goodbye to MCU, and a young, beautiful Hailee as the new Hawkeye will move on to her marvelous future.

In addition, the series will introduce to the audience a deaf super-heroine of Native American descent named Echo. Also, in “Hawkeye” TV series the appearance of Yelena Belova is confirmed, this ‘Marvel’ character is going to be performed by Florence Pugh, who, most likely, will become the new Black Widow. Thus, after this series, two characters are going to receive new incarnations.

Moon Knight. Premiere: 2022

Not only most famous characters of the MCU get their own TV series. And striking example of it is Moon Knight (Marc Spector). This superhero was at first a simple mercenary, a soldier of fortune, so to say, who used to take part in different conflicts for personal profit. But in Egypt, found near death after being betrayed, Spector was approached by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu who offered him a second chance at life in exchange for becoming his avatar on Earth. As a result, Spector was resurrected and given superhuman qualities in addition to his skills at hand-to-hand combat techniques and martial arts.

While there is no detailed information yet about the plot of this TV series, it is worth noting that ‘Marvel Studios’ took the Egyptian Mohamed Diab as the director of “Moon Knight”.

Why is this project of interest? All because of the casting decisions: the title role will play Oscar Isaac, and his opponent will be played by Ethan Hawke. These two brilliant actors definitely add the ‘must-watch’ status to this TV series. Filming for ‘Moon Knight’ is about to begin, its premiere scheduled for 2022.

She-Hulk. Premiere: 2022

She-Hulk keeps evoking genuine curiosity since her image first appeared on the title of the ‘Marvel’ comic book issued in 1980. Forty years later, ‘Marvel Studios’ decided to dedicate to She-Hulk the eponymous TV series.

A lawyer Jennifer Susan Walters, the lead character, is the cousin of Bruce Banner (aka ‘the Hulk’). Once she was seriously wounded by a mobster and needed an emergency blood transfusion which she shortly received…from her cousin Bruce. As a result, a shy and mousy young lady who had little confidence mutated into the sensational She-Hulk, a large and powerful green-hued version of herself, and kicked off her adventuring career.

The ten-episode series will shelter Mark Ruffalo (who has long played the Hulk), and gorgeous Tim Roth will return to the role of a supervillain named ‘The Abomination’, the Hulk’s main enemy. The title character will be played by the phenomenal Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany who has already astonished the audience with her multiple transformations in the “Orphan Black” TV series which were shot in the genre of biopunk and sci-fi thriller. She brilliantly performed at once the roles of ten different characters which were clones of the main heroine.

Aside from the officially confirmed cast, rumors abound in the net of who else might appear in the series. Insiders report that Liv Tyler might show up as she has already starred in “The Incredible Hulk” blockbuster. Also, MCU fans suspect that Charlie Cox is invited to play the blind superhero ‘Daredevil’ in the TV show.

But let’s wait a bit and hope that our waiting will be fully rewarded: the series about the big green woman are announced to be released in 2022.

If we look beyond the projects listed above which production stages are in full swing now, you’ll find another couple of TV series announced by ‘Marvel Studios’ that are still under development.

One of them is, for example, “Secret Invasion” about an alien race of Skrulls; they are able to transform into humans and they’re planning to conquer the Earth; another one is “Ironheart”, dedicated to the teenage girl-inventor Riri Williams. We’re also waiting for “Armor Wars” about the legacy of Iron Man and the superhero Warrior, played by Don Cheadle in blockbusters.

The latest to be announced is a series about some African country of Wakanda described by the author of “Black Panther” Ryan Kugler. But this project is even untitled yet.

Thanks to the success of “WandaVision” TV series, we are quite confident that the announcements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows on ‘Disney +’ will keep on appearing. The franchise continues its development, gaining momentum and capacity.            

In the meantime, don’t miss the premiere of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

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