Luke Cage is the third superhero from the TV-universe that Marvel and Netflix have been building together. Having appeared in Jessica Jones first, Luke Cage lived to see his own TV-series.

He was once called Carl Lucas. Once in prison, Carl became a guinea pig in an experiment and gained invulnerability and incredible strength. Now, Carl settled in Harlem, changed his name. He was trying hard not to attract attention to himself because he escaped from prison. However, Luke’s nobility prevails on caution, and that is why he was drawn into the showdown of the Harlem criminal tycoons.

Extremely stylish, Luke Cage brings a new dimension to the comic book universe.

This TV-series plays with the blaxploitation genre: there are funk and hip-hop sounds in the background, African Americans prevail among the actors, and the visuals often resemble the style of the 70s.

Interesting Facts

  • All episodes of the first season of Luke Cage were released on September 30, 2016. The TV-series was renewed for the second season, which was released two years later. After that, Luke Cage was closed.
  • Main series of this television universe are associated with different areas of New York. If Daredevil and Jessica Jones live and work in Hell’s Kitchen, Luke Cage deals with criminals in Harlem. The next character, Danny Rand (or Iron Fist), will show us Chinatown.
  • The antagonist of the first season is called Cornell Stokes (or Cottonmouth) is played by Mahershala Ali, an excellent actor and winner of two Oscars. Interestingly, a collaboration between the actor and Marvel studio this series will not be limited to this TV-series. Currently, the film Blade is in a pre-production stage, where Ali will play the title role of a fighter against vampires.
  • After the show closed, actor Mike Coulter, who played the title role in Luke Cage, was not sitting idle. He is currently filming in the mystical TV-series Evil, the second season of which is planned for release in early 2021.


This is an American sci-fi thriller TV-series based on Marvel comics.

The first season of Luke Cage premiered on September 30, 2016, on the streaming service Netflix.

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