Residents of the small town of Chester’s Mill located in Maine lead a calm measured life. However, something strange happened once – a huge transparent dome with a diameter of 10 miles appeared over the city. Everyone who was in Chester`s Mill can no longer get out. Moreover, no one can enter the city. Soon, electricity goes out, and supplies of gasoline, medicines and food are melting before their eyes. Curiously, no one – or almost no one – can understand the cause of the dome and how long it will remain. Now, the residents of Chester’s Mills and their stranded guests are forced to organize a new way of life.

Interesting Facts

  • The first season of the TV show began airing on June 24, 2013 on CBS. Renewed twice, the TV show was canceled following the release of its third season.
  • “Under the Dome” is a TV series based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. It is noteworthy that the Horror King himself honored the TV show with his participation in it – the writer appears as a diner visitor in the first episode of Season 2. Although Stephen King was the producer of the TV show, a few years after its finale, he said that he was dissatisfied with this adaptation and pinned his hopes to reboot.
  • Brian K. Vaughan, best known for his popular graphic novels including “Ex Machina” (soon to be screened) and “Runaways” (which became the basis for the TV series canceled in 2019), is the showrunner for “Under the Dome”. There is also “Y: The Last Man”, a TV series based on yet another comic by Brian K. Vaughan, scheduled to premiere in 2021. In addition, Vaughan has co-authored with Fiona Staples on “Saga”, a critically acclaimed graphic novel that is publishing since 2012. It is curious that it is Vaughn who opposes the adaptation of “Saga”.


Under the Dome is an American-made fantasy drama TV series based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. The first season of the TV show was premiered on June 24, 2013 on the US television channel CBS.

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