The Avengers: Endgame directors are now developing a modern version of the popular Christmas novel A Christmas Carol, which could be released in 2021

The Russo Brothers are currently developing a modern day A Christmas Carol movie Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas novella A Christmas Carol, originally published in 1843, tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a lonely old curmudgeon who turns into a kind and compassionate man, after encountering the ghosts of the past, present, and future, it has been the source of countless adaptations over the years, be it the beloved Christmas story of The Muppets from 1992 or the Christmas story of Robert Zemeckis Plus, a new musical retelling of A Christmas Carol in the works for Apple starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds with adaptations of the famous Dickens story, and now the directors of Avengers: Endgame are developing a modern take on the popular Christmas novel

Screenwriting duo Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, best known for writing films like Friday the 13th and Baywatch, announced on their Twitter account yesterday that the Russo Brothers have hired them to create “a modern take on A CHRISTMAS CAROL “They Hope It Is Done In 2021 The couple also expressed their admiration for The Muppets Christmas Carol, calling it one of the“ Top 3 ”versions of the full tweet can be seen below:

After being hired by the @Russo_Brothers to write a modern version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, we’ve seen every version that exists I’m here to tell you the Muppet version is Top 3 A Must Have for Christmas It is wonderful (and hopefully ours will be made in 2021!) BildTwittercom

A Christmas story traditionally takes place on Christmas Eve in 19th century London Century takes place, but if the Russians want a “modern version” one could imagine that it doesn’t. It will be interesting to see how close it will be to the original source material and whether the Russians will direct or just produce the film Swift and Shannon are certainly interesting choices for the project, given that their latest film, Baywatch, was not only far from being a Christmas Carol-style film, but also critically and commercially failed Bill Condon will also direct a musical based on the novel based but from the perspective of Scrooge’s late business partner Marley, the audience will have to wait and see what the Russian version of A Christmas Carol has in store for them, but if it kicks off in 2021, more details are sure to be released soon

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