James Marsden and Idina Menzel are confirmed to return alongside Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey for Disney+ Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted.

Highly anticipated Disney sequel Enchanted 2, which will be titled Disenchanted, is finally making real progress, with stars James Marsden and Idina Menzel now confirmed to be returning alongside Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. This confirmation comes from legendary composer Alan Menken, who let the information slip while discussing the project recently, also revealing that Enchanted 2 has now begun filming.

Released back in 2007, the first Enchanted acts as both an homage and parody of the classic Disney movies and princesses of old. The story begins with Amy Adams’ Princess Giselle being banished from her kingdom by her lover’s evil stepmother. Transported into the real world, specifically New York City, Giselle must navigate her way through a reality that lacks singing animals and other such wonders in order to find a way to get home. Things become complicated however when Giselle meets a lawyer, Robert (Patrick Dempsey), and finds herself falling for him.

Directed by Kevin Lima from a script by Bill Kelly, Enchanted stars Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey, and Susan Sarandon alongside Amy Adams in the lead. The Disney+ original movie was both a critical darling and a huge box office success, earning more than $340 million worldwide. Combining both traditional-looking animation and live-action and containing songs by legendary composer Alan Menken alongside lyricist Stephen Schwartz, Enchanted works wonderfully as both a love letter to the beloved works of Disney, and a satirical look at its many tropes, with fans having been hoping for a follow-up for some time.

James Marsden starred in the first Enchanted as Prince Edward, a narcissistic, yet good-hearted, prince who ends entering the real-world in an attempt to rescue Giselle, Idina Menzel starring as Nancy Tremaine, a fashion designer from New York who falls for Edward and leaves with him for the animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia. Having the couple back for Disenchanted is sure to delight fans, who no doubt cannot wait to see what they have been up to.

Marsden has expressed his desire to return to the world of Enchanted in the past, saying in 2011 that the studio needed to hurry up before father time took its toll. “I think that the clock is ticking on that one,” said the actor, who is not yet confirmed for the sequel. “Amy Adams and I are both saying, “If there’s going to be a sequel, we’re not getting any younger.” Since we play sort of ageless, animated characters. Hopefully we do. That was something really special and I’d love to come back and do another.”

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