The main character of this TV-series, the famous lawyer Perry Mason, lives in Los Angeles in 1930s. The country is in the middle of the Great Depression, the streets are full of criminal activity, and people are losing the last shreds of hope for the happy future. This is the world where a young lawyer, who one day will become one of the best, has to work.

Unlike other lawyers who only work on court premises, Perry Mason often investigates the crimes in which his clients are accused himself, constantly getting into unpleasant and dangerous situations.

Interesting Facts

  •  Initially, Nick Pizzolato, creator of the popular series True Detective, was supposed to write the script, and Robert Downey Jr. was chosen for the main role. However, in the end, both had to quit due to the conflict of schedules.
  • Instead of Downey Jr., the producers hired Matthew Reese, famous for the TV-series Americans. By the way, Downey Jr. remained in the series as an executive producer.
  • Over eight million viewers have watched the first episode of Perry Mason, instantly making the series the most popular new product on HBO over the last two years. Producers were happy with the result and immediately renewed Perry Mason for the second season.
  • The real gem of Perry Mason is actress Tatyana Maslany portraying the role of Sister Alice McKegan. Maslany became famous for her performance in the TV-series Orphan Black, where she managed to play more than fifteen roles (but got only one Emmy Award for that).
  • In total, Earl Stanley Gardner wrote 80 novels about Perry Mason’s adventures, so the TV adaptation of his works can be almost endless.
  • In 1986, a Soviet film adaptation of one of Gardner’s novels was filmed at the Lithuanian Film Studio. Juozas Budraitis played the role of Perry Mason there.


This is an American-made detective TV-series based on the Earl Stanley Gardner’s novels.

The premiere of the first season took place on June 21, 2020 on the HBO channel.


  • What channel is behind the series production?

Perry Mason was filmed for the American TV-channel HBO.

  • Will there be a continuation?

Yes. Perry Mason was renewed for the second season. It will premiere some time in 2021.

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