An absurd black comedy. Action takes place somewhere near the orbit of Jupiter. Armando Iannucci that created this series, a producer famous for his political satire series called ‘Veep,’ invites us to take a trip on the luxurious ‘Avenue 5’ spaceship. However, this vacation will not go without unexpected plot twists: an accident sends the ship far off course, and the return will be delayed for years.

The series subtly mock the genre of cosmoopera, turning everything upside down with a dash of the absurd.  The brave captain (Hugh Laurie) is just an actor, the classic pilothouse with pilots is nothing more than a fiction, and the owner of the entire corporation, German Judd (Josh Gad), is a stupid adult child.

An American television series in the genre of absurd comedy.

The first season was premiered on January 19, 2020 on HBO.

Fun facts

  •  – The previous satirical film called ‘The Death of Stalin’ by Armando Iannucci was banned in Russia.
  •  – Ethan Phillips, who played the role of a former astronaut, starred in the series
  •  ‘Star Trek: Voyager.’ Its plot involuntarily repeats the plot of ‘Avenue 5’ – a spacecraft crew struggling to return home.
  •  – The series was renewed for a second season while the first one was still being broadcasted.
  •  – The series was shot entirely in the UK, with most of the filming taking place in Leavesden at Warner Bros. studios. This set – a former airfield – is famous for its Harry Potter films.



  • What channel broadcasts series?

HBO Channel.

  • When was the first season released?

On January 19, 2020

  • Will there be a sequel?

Yes, HBO extended ‘Avenue 5’ for a second season on February 13, 2020.

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