The new mini-series A Teacher explores a very sensitive topic – the relationship between a young teacher Claire and her student Eric. The heroes become secret lovers, a shocking romance between the teacher and her student begins. The authors of the TV series are trying to understand why both heroes start a forbidden relationship. Should a young woman give up a relationship with a loved one just because it is condemned by society?

Did You Know?

  • The mini-series A Teacher will premiere on November 10, 2020 on the FX channel and will air until the end of December.
  • The series is based on the 2013 film of the same name. It was Hannah Fidell’s first independent movie. Interestingly, the script for the film consisted of a couple sentences – the actors were supposed to improvise. Critics noticed A Teacher at festivals and a year after its premiere, HBO announced the start of work on the TV version of this story with Hannah Fidell as a showrunner. In 2018, Kate Mara joined the team, becoming not only the leading actor, but also the producer of the series. As a result, A Teacher changed its channel, but already received the premiere date.
  • The role of the seduced student was played by actor Nick Robinson, who turned 24 at the time of filming. Sci-Fi movie fans may remember Nick from the Jurassic World (2015).
  • A Teacher is filmed in mini-series format, which is not intended to be continued.


American-made television series based on the 2013 feature film of the same name. A Teacher will premiere worldwide on November 10, 2020 on FX.

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