Yes, God, Yes tells a story of a sweet girl Alice, a student of the Catholic school, who was raised with all religious dogmas in mind. However, with age, Alice’s sexuality wakes up… She rewatched the shameful scene in Titanic many times, once wrote something dirty in the chat, and now she discovers all the delights of masturbation. The girl is ashamed of this, but masturbation becomes a part of her life. In the end, Alice gets to the religious camp of sorts, where experienced mentors fight the lust in young men and women. So, who will be the winner, prohibitions or nature?

The plot of this film, which initially seems like something obscenely bawdy, in reality, is a wonderful story about growing up. And all the problems with masturbation are just a cleverly invented metaphor.

Interesting Facts

  • All film critics praise the young actress Natalia Dyer, who was brilliant in the role of a girl that discovers something new in herself. Before Yes, God, Yes, Natalia was best known for her role as Nancy, Mike’s older sister from Stranger Things. We are sure that after such reviews, Dyer will continue to grow as an actress outside the popular TV-series.
  • Yes, God, Yes was originally a short film of the same name, shot by Karen Main with Natalia Dyer in 2017. The film was eventually re-shot ti the full-length movie by the same director.
  • The world premiere of Yes, God, Yes took place on March 8, 2019, at the South by Southwest Film Festival. In the fall the film won the Audience Award in Santa Fe. However, the film was released worldwide only in the summer of 2020.


This is an American-made tragicomedy film based on the short film of the same name.

The world premiere of Yes, God, Yes took place on March 8, 2019 at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

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