The main characters of the TV-series Trinkets are three girls suffering from kleptomania. They did not have any contact with each other in everyday life before they met at Shoplifters Anonymous. The girls understand they have much more in common than it might have seemed at first. Tabitha is a rich kid, queen of the school, she suffers from a toxic boyfriend and constantly tries to keep high standards. Moe is a very clever girl from a poor family, a bully, and an adventurer. Elodie is an experienced kleptomaniac who, after her mother’s death, moved to the house of her father’s new family. She seems very quiet and calm, but who knows how deep still waters run.

Unexpectedly, Tabitha, Moe, and Elodie become close friends, helping each other through difficult life situations. And only sometimes they go out shopping together to steal something to relieve stress.

Interesting Facts

  • A young actress Brianna Hildebrand, who portrays Elodie, is well-known by her role as a superhero, nicknamed Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Deadpool films. Shortly we will see her in the sci-fi films Persephone and The Time Capsule.
  • The TV-series slogan is “Friendship is priceless. Everything else you can steal.”
  • The premiere of Trinkets’ second season took place on August 25, 2020, on the Netflix streaming platform. Unfortunately, this season is the final for the TV-series.


This is an American-made teenage tragicomedy TV-series.

The premiere of the second season took place on August 25, 2020, on the Netflix streaming platform.

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