The Secret Garden is a film adaptation of the similarly-named classical novel by Frances Burnett about Mary, a young girl who got back from India to the Great Britain together with her family. Suddenly, Mary’s parents die and she has to move to a villa of her relatives. The girl has a hard time; the new house rules are very strict and she becomes embarrassed in such surroundings. In defiance of all expectations Mary finds a strange door leading to a secret garden. This garden will change her life forever.

Interesting facts

  • Marc Munden, a director of The Secret Garden, is a widely known British director generally specialized in the series. His track record includes not only film adaptation of known novels such as The Crimson Petal and the White and Vanity Fair, but also extremely popular Utopia the American remake of which will be released this year.
  • Colin Firth, a British actor, plays in The Secret Garden film adaptation for a second time. Thirty three years ago he acted the part of grownup Colin Craven and now he acts the part of Colin’s father.
  • A young actress Dixie Egerickx plays Mary, the main character of the film. By the way, she played a role in a Games of Throne spin-off pilot episode together with Naomi Watts. Unfortunately the series was inexplicably canceled and this episode will never come out.


The joint British and French-made film is based on the similarly-named classical novel by Frances Burnett and shot in the family melodrama genre.

The Secret Garden had its world premiere on August 7, 2020.


  • How many times was The Secret Garden novel adapted?

The film adaptation of The Secret Garden novel was made over ten times including full-length film, TV series, sequels and even anime, which was made on the basis of The Secret Garden novel.

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