This drama series tells the story of Prairie (Brit Marling), a blind girl who disappeared 7 years ago. Once, being already matured, sighted and strange, she appears on the doorstep of her parents. She asks to be called OA. Gathering five strangers (as it seems at first glance), she talks about what happened to her over the course of seven years. In parallel, she teaches her friends about strange movements, which, according to her, can open a portal to another world.

The OA, with its slow and not always logical plot, is a very heartwarming TV show. From start to finish, it keeps intrigue, reminiscent of a strange dream. However, this is its zest – in the era of series with a clear plot, “OA” offers a strange and very attractive alternative.

Interesting Facts

  • After the “OA” have been canceled, it was revealed that the series has a small but very fanatical community. With a huge number of #SaveTheOA hashtags on the internet and strikes including a hunger strike, fans were clamoring for the show to renew. The creators of the series visited the starving man and asked him to stop his protest.
  • Brit Marling, showrunner, producer, scriptwriter, and lead actress for “The OA”, is a favorite among auteur filmmakers. Another Earth, Brit’s first film, became a sensation at the Sundance Art House Film Festival and brought Brit love and well-deserved attention.


“OA” is an American mystical drama television series. The second season was premiered on March 22, 2019 on the Netflix platform.


Q: Which channel is this show on?

A: Both seasons of the “OA” series were filmed for the Netflix streaming service.

Q: Will the series be renewed?

A: The series was canceled after its second season despite strong fan reactions.

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