Katherine, the protagonist of the “Duchess” mini-series, was born in Canada but has long lived in UK. Katherine is exactly the person who is “on her own mind”. Not letting anyone stand in the way of her bizarre sanity, she tries to solve all her problems on her own. Already having a beautiful daughter Olivia, she decides to give birth to another child. Despite the fact that Katherine has a wonderful boyfriend, she turns to the sperm bank – this is the only way no one can stand between the main character and her other offspring.

Interesting Facts

  • Launched on September 11, 2020 on the Netflix streaming platform, all episodes of this TV series have been available for viewing since then.
  • Katherine Ryan is a fairly well-known British comedian who not only starred in many films and TV series, but also is the author of many popular stand-up numbers. A longtime collaborator with Netflix, she made many of his performances available for viewing on the streaming platform. The “Duchess” miniseries represents a new stage in collaboration with Netflix and is also a kind of attempt to repeat the success of “Fleabag”, the cult TV show. Having endowed the main character with her name and character traits, Ryan herself wrote the story of the eccentric mother, produced the show and played the main role in it.
  • An Irish citizen, Katherine was born in Canada, where she spent the first 25 years of her life. She started her stand-up performances at a bar where she worked part-time while studying. After graduating, Katherine stayed with this bar chain as a full-time employee. However, after a while she received a continuation for developing her career in London. It is noteworthy that several years ago she took part in the “Who Do You Think You Are?” British television show dealing with the genealogy of celebrities. Together with the film crew, the woman returned to her hometown and met the guy who was her boyfriend as a teenager – and now they got back together.


The Duchess is a British comedy television series. The first season of the TV show premiered on September 11, 2020 on the Netflix streaming platform.

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