Born in Iran but raised in Israel, Tamar Rabinyan is a hacker and Mossad agent. Ready to risk her own life, she set herself the goal of protecting the people of her historical homeland.

Tamar’s new mission takes place in Tehran. Pretending to be Muslim, she must shut down Iran’s air defenses while Israeli planes bomb the nuclear power plant. Since the operation did not go as planned, Tamar makes an attempt to hide in the Iranian capital, while Faraz Kamali, the head of intelligence of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, follows the girl’s footsteps. A dangerous game with two powers involved in it is beginning.

Interesting Facts

  • Episode 1 of the television series premiered on June 22, 2020 on Kan 11 Israeli TV channel. Appreciating the promise of the “Tehran” TV show, the “Apple TV+” streaming platform bought the rights to show “Tehran” worldwide. The digital release of “Tehran” on the streaming platform took place on September 25, 2020.
  • In recent years, Israeli cinema has been renowned for its spy thrillers. “Hatufim” (“Prisoners of War”) – followed by an American remake under the title “Homeland” – and “Fauda” from the creators of “Tehran” are some of the most prominent Israeli TV shows. It is noteworthy that Sean Taub, an actor who has starred in both “Homeland” and “Tehran” TV series, played an almost identical role as the head of intelligence of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
  • Since the filming of such a television series could not be held in the Iranian capital, Tehran was replaced by Greek Athens.


The Tehran is an Israeli-produced spy thriller TV series. The first season was premiered on June 22, 2020 on the Kan 11 Israeli TV channel.

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