Despite its intriguing title, “Masters of Sex” TV series is all about research scientists.

At the center of the story is the duo of sexologists William Masters (Michael Sheen) and his assistant Virginia Johnson studying the most intimate part of human life – sex and everything connected with human sexuality. It all started in the 1950s, when the sexual revolution was still a long way ahead, but the humanity already needed a sober look at ‘what people are doing behind the closed doors’.

The series is about two pioneers of the science Masters and Johnson who were boldly embarking on the study of sexuality whereas the conservative layers of society didn’t yet fully understand and perceive their far-reaching goals and good intentions.


  • “Masters of Sex” TV series was launched on the American channel “Showtime” on September 29, 2013. After four seasons, the TV show ended on November 13, 2016.
  • The series is a free adaptation of Thomas Maier’s instant bestseller “Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love” released in 2009. By the way, William Masters and Virginia Johnson got married in 1971. Their marriage lasted 20 years. Virginia died on July 24, 2013, two months before the series premiered.
  • William Masters is played by the wonderful Welsh actor Michael Sheen who has been very successful in recent years. In 2019, “Good Omens” mini-series was released, where Sheen played an angel, and in January 2021 the second season of “Prodigal Son” TV show has started. There, Michael portrays a serial killer named ‘The Surgeon’. Even during the quarantine, Sheen is keeping busy, along with fellow actor David Tennant, they are starring in the successful “Staged” comedy series, set during the pandemic in the UK and primarily filmed using video-conferencing ‘zoom’ technology.


American-made television series, filmed in the genre of biographical drama, based on Thomas Maier’s novel “Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love”

The first season of “Masters of Sex” series premiered on ‘Showtime’ on September 29, 2013.

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