Miles Elliot, the main character of the TV series, is tired of life. In midlife crisis, Miles is bored of everything around him. Wanting to write a novel and develop himself as a person, he does not feel the joy of what surrounds him – a beautiful wife and a good job. One day, Miles learns from a colleague about a mysterious tonicity spa. After a moment’s thought, the man goes to this spa. Relaxing in a strange spa, Miles fell asleep and woke up as a completely different person – now he is full of energy, love and interest in life. However, after a while, bad news about this spa comes out. A clone of the client is grown there, and a new person full of energy enters into a new life, preserving the memories of his predecessor. In this case, the obsolete body is killed and buried in the ground. However, an unpleasant situation happened to Miles – managed to survive, his previous tired version come to his house.

Interesting Facts

  • “The Living with Yourself” TV series premiered on October 18, 2019 on the Netflix streaming platform. From that day on, all episodes of Season 1 are available for viewing.
  • Paul Rudd, the brilliant comedian who played both roles on the series, is a member of the MCU. Rudd starred in “Avengers: Endgame”, the most successful film under the franchise. Nominated for a Golden Globe for his double role in a TV show, Paul lost to Rami Youssef.
  • The further fate of the TV series is still unknown – Netflix neither prolongs the show, nor does it make official statements about its closure. Nevertheless, judging by the last scene of the final episode, viewers will see a sequel.


The Living with Yourself is an American-made fantastic tragicomedy television series. The first season premiered on September 18, 2019 on the Netflix streaming platform.

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