Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson) is your typical loser that lives with his parents and works as a janitor in a research centre. He spends all his free time playing video games in his room. One day successfully completes his favorite game Bionic Wars , when suddenly its main characters appear in front of him, tell him that the game was simply a test, and recruit Josh to save the world.

What awaits Josh now is adventures while travelling through time, an unknown post-apocalyptic world of the future, peaceful past to miss, and a lot of indecent humour. This series features bawdy jokes, so to enjoy Future Man, you will need to let go of your shame. as this is a truly

At the beginning of the third season the main characters find themselves in 3491, where they will have to survive while playing a Running Man-like game. In the end, they will have to save the universe again, one last time.

An American television series in the genre of science fiction/comedy.

Season 3 was premiered on April 3 on Hulu Channel.

Fun facts

  • Seth Rogen, who is famous for producing series and films featuring a lot of below-the-waist jokes, acted as a producer for this series. He actually was the mastermind behind such popular series as “Preacher” and “The Boys”. Seth Rogen will actually join “Future Man” for the final season.
  • “Future Man” was nominated for the prestigious science fiction award called Saturn Awards as Best New Media Superhero Series.
  • The survival game called Die-cathalon from the third season is actually a reference to “The Hunger Games”, where Josh Hutcherson starred before taking up the role of Josh Futturman.



  • What channel produces the series?
    Hulu Channel.
  • When was season 3 released?
    The entire season was released on April 3, 2020.
  • Will there be a sequel?

No. It was officially announced that the third season would be the last season of the series.