Teenage Alex Ryder (Otto Farrant), after the death of his parents, live with Ian, his uncle. The normal life of the most ordinary young man ends when Ian dies, and Alex learns that his uncle has been an MI6 agent all this time. Wanting to find out the cause of his uncle’s death, the young man also starts working for the secret service.

Interesting Facts

  • Alex Rider TV series first season was premiered on June 4, 2020 on Amazon, and on the same day all episodes became available for viewing. Two weeks after the premiere date, the Alex Rider TV show has been renewed for a second season, which will begin filming later this year.
  • The TV series was based on a series of novels by Anthony Horowitz, British writer. The literary source tells the story of the adventures of Alex Ryder, a young spy. Horowitz’s book cycle is very popular in the UK – the thirteenth book of the series was released on April 2, 2020. “Point Blanc”, the second novel in the series, is the basis for the plot of the television series.
  • This series is not the first adaptation of the book series. “Stormbreaker”, a film based on the first book of the novel series, was premiered in 2006. With a remarkable cast, this film is also starring Alex Pettyfer. Although the producers were counting on a lasting franchise, “Stormbreaker” was poorly received by audiences and critics – so, the idea of ​​a sequel was dropped.
  • Otto Farant is the leading actor in the television series.


Alex Rider is a British-American co-production spy thriller based on the novel of the same name by Anthony Horowitz. The first season was premiered on June 4, 2020 on the Amazon Prime streaming service.

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