“The Path” TV series is devoted to the winding path of a religious cult, Meyerism, one of its communes is located within the state of New York. Here live numerous novices as well as the main characters of the series – Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy), one of the leaders of the community, and Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul) who is looking for his own spiritual path.

Quite slow and difficult, but sometimes in a very interesting way, “The Path” series explores the phenomenon of modern religious sects and movements as well as the reasons why modern people fall into cults and become fanatics.


  • “The Path” TV series was filmed by order of the American channel “Hulu”, where this drama series was later premiered. The first episode aired on March 30, 2016. The series lasted three seasons and ended on March 28, 2018 with the ‘Blood Moon’ episode.
  • The religious cult called Mayerism does not actually exist for real. As the executive producer of the series Jessica Goldberg clarified that Meyerism is a fictional religion created for “The Path”. The writers created it under the influence of New Age philosophy with numerous elements of beliefs from around the world. The creators of the series, by the way, ask not to compare Mayerism with Scientology.
  • Most of the filming of the series took place in a place called Nyack, located just 30 kilometers from Manhattan. Many residents of Nyack were involved in the series, portraying in some episodes the parishioners of the Mayerist community. Curiously, the scenes in Peru were also filmed in New York State, in a nearby national park.
  • It is interesting that the authors of “The Path” TV series initially considered the actor Idris Elba for the role of the unofficial leader of Mayerists, Cal Roberts.


American-made television series, filmed in the genre of psychological drama.

The first season of “The Path” TV series premiered on the ‘Hulu’ TV channel on March 30, 2016

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