The Boat That Rocked is a story of a pirate radio station, forced to broadcast from a ship out in the sea near Great Britain. In 1966, the British authorities were not particularly fond of rock, so radio stations had to resort to such tricks because no one forbade broadcasting popular music on the high seas.

On the one hand, The Boat That Rocked tells about the inner workings of one of these radio stations. On the other hand, it tells about the attempts of an official to close the station.

Everything is made better with an amazing soundtrack, British humor, and great actors.

Interesting Facts

  • The premiere of The Boat That Rocked took place on April 1, 2009, in Great Britain and Ireland, and then the picture was released worldwide. It is interesting that for many other countries the distributors changed the name of the film: for example, in the USA, The Boat That Rocked is known as Pirate Radio, in France as Good Morning England, in Germany as Radio Rock Revolution, and in Italy as I Love Radio Rock.
  • The radio station in The Boat That Rocked had a real prototype. It was Radio Caroline, and its story was even more exciting than the movie. Radio Caroline moved from the high seas to the Netherlands, from the Netherlands to airplanes, and from airplanes to Spain.


This is a musical tragicomedy film of Europian production.

The world premiere of The Boat That Rocked took place on April 1, 2009, in the UK.

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