Piper Chapman, a generally successful woman, goes to jail out of the blue for a minor offense she committed 10 years ago. Piper has to spend 13 long months behind bars. The main character has to not only somehow maintain her calm and settled life, since she did not receive a life sentence, but also to adapt to the new order of things.

Since the creators of the TV series want to show completely different stories of different characters, viewers are presented with dozens of stories of women’s lives. Luckily, “Orange Is the New Black’s” showrunner Jenji Cohen doesn’t want to focus solely on drama. As a result, TV viewers are presented as a wonderful tragicomedy, perfectly balancing at the intersection of genres.

Interesting Facts

  • All episodes of the TV show first season were released on July 11, 2013 on Netflix streaming platform. Loved by both viewers and critics, the TV series was a resounding success. Earning 13 Emmy nominations, “Orange Is the New Black” eventually won 3 statuettes. Along with “House of Cards” TV show, “Orange Is the New Black” has become one of Netflix’s flagship projects. The final episodes of the TV show, which aired over seven seasons, were released on July 26, 2019.
  • Nominated for a Golden Globe Award six times, the TV series has never won a statuette. However, it has received 4 Emmy Awards overall.
  • Jenji Cohen, showrunner for “Orange Is the New Black”, has continued her collaboration with Netflix, filming “GLOW” and “Teenage Bounty Hunters” TV shows.
  • Taylor Schilling, the lead actress on the TV series, is also on the move after the “Orange Is the New Black” finale. She will soon be on TV in Second Wave, a TV series that chronicles the COVID-19 epidemic in New York.


Orange Is the New Black is an American-made tragicomedy television series. The first season of the TV show premiered on July 11, 2013 on Netflix streaming platform.

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