Miles Halter is a teenage boy who preferred studying at Culver Creek Academy, where his father once studied, to a range of privileged colleges.

It’s the beginning of the 21st century, yet with minimal expansion of social networks, and students of Culver Creek along with acquiring regular knowledges experience the new big world, learn the social hierarchy, make friends.

Miles at first is an outsider but soon he also gets involved in communication and finds new friends. One of them is a beguiling young girl named Alaska. Smart and gorgeous, she leaves Miles no chances to remain indifferent: he falls in love with Alaska. And, of course, he cannot confess his feelings to the girl.

Studying at Culver Creek is like one big summer of growing up, but friends have no idea that a great tide is stirring and things are going to change dramatically very soon.

Interesting Facts

  • All eight episodes of “Looking for Alaska” aired on Hulu on the same day, October 18th.
  • “Looking for Alaska” was filmed as a miniseries and does not require a sequel.
  • The novel “Looking for Alaska” on which the series was filmed, became the debut of John Green. The writer himself used to say that this book was largely autobiographical inspired by the author’s memories of studying at Indian Springs School which was very reminiscent of Culver Creek. By the way, John Green, like his character Miles, collects the dying words of famous people.
  • Four of seven novels written by John Green have already been filmed, and the most famous is “The Fault in Our Stars” with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.
  • It is interesting that one of the contenders for the role of Alaska was actress Anya Taylor-Joy. As a result, the producers chose Kristine Frøseth, a model with Norwegian roots who is now at the beginning of her acting career.
  • From the very beginning “Looking for Alaska” was meant to be a film, not a TV series. The project was developed back in 2014 but did not go further than work on the script. By the way, actress Kristine Frøseth even then went to audition for the main role.


“Looking for Alaska” is an American-made television series based on the novel of the same name by John Green in the teen drama genre.

The first season of “Looking for Alaska” premiered on October 18, 2019 on Hulu.

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