High school graduates Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton) are madly in love, and the life seems like a bowl of cherries — beautiful and endless. But a tragic car accident casts a long shadow on the story of young love. Chris ends up in a coma while Riley is haunted by a terrible guilt of driving that car. Suddenly, Chris wakes up only to find out he is now an ethereal spirit that no one can hear. He has to find a way to tell Riley he loves her. To do that, he teams up with another ghost Jordan who is also stranded in limbo.

Did you know?

  • Alexandra Shipp, who starred in Endless, is known for her role as a mutant Storm in the X-Men Remarkably, Endless features famous Famke Janssen who was also a part of X-Men superhero team.
  • Nicholas Hamilton (Chris) is most commonly known for his roles in It and It Chapter Two where he portrayed a very nasty school bully.


Endless is an American sci-fi romance film. It has not been premiered yet due to COVID-19 pandemic.

 Questions and answers

  • Where was the film shot?

All scenes of Endless were shot in British Columbia, Canada. In fact, it often serves as a primary filming location for low-budget American movies and TV series.

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